"Southern Motors" Policies

This info help to answer some of the questions that we get in emails and phone calls from our customers.

We Own Em'

We own every vehicle you see on our website. We Do NOT sell cars on consignment. We do this because we believe it helps control the prices and quality of the vehicles we sell. We travel around the country to provide you with a high quality vehicle at a fair price. Our customers have heard this before....I will put our cars (quality & price) up against any dealer or individuals in the country.

No Resto

We do not restore vehicles. We simply buy and sell the cars.

How We Get Them

We spend an enormous amount of time traveling the country trying to find these cars. We prefer to buy the cars from individuals because we like to gather as much info as we can on the car and enjoy the interaction with the owners. We do buy some cars at auctions but the 6-10% buyers premiums make it tough to keep the prices down.

Documentation & Information

We do our best to gather all the information we can on the cars. Because we do not restore the cars we are at the mercy of the previous owners with some of that info. We don' t pull apart engines to verify camshafts, pistons, ring gear ect. We will provide you with any documentation that the previous owner's give us. Some people are not willing to give out receipts and things of that nature because it contains their personal information.


We will hold a vehicle for a customer with a $500.00 non-refundable deposit. This gives you 7 days to pay for the vehicle in full. We will give a customer a one-time 24-hour hold on a vehicle without a deposit if they are travelling to see the car.


We do allow customers to hire an outside company to inspect a vehicle for them prior to purchase but this must be done at our shop.

Test Drives

We do allow test drives if you are here to buy the vehicle that day. We DO NOT allow test drives on any wet, slushy, salted roads. I am very sorry but I take a lot of pride in our cars and am not willing to allow them to go out in the elements.


All vehicles are sold As-Is. Here is the "dirty little secret" that no other dealer or individual is going to talk to you about. These are 30-40-50-60-year-old cars, and you can find something wrong with all of them. I am sure you, your mechanic, or your body man is going to find something that's "not correct", "wouldn't have done it that way", or "deemed unsafe for the road'. These are old cars, and I don't care how much you spend there is a reason that GM, Chrysler & Ford don't make them like this anymore. You can find something wrong mechanically, body work or something that doesn't function properly on every single car we have sold in our 45+ year history. I tell every customer that "you need to be prepared to work on these cars". That being said...I take a lot of pride in these cars. We do our best to provide you with a quality classic car but they are not perfect. We do make sure that headlights, turn signals, brake lights, wipers (unless they are vacuum operated), and speedo's work & we do check the oil, automatic transmission, brake, power steering & coolant levels on every vehicle before it leaves. We do try to road test every vehicle before we buy it and after we sell it and fix any problems that we have with the vehicles.