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One Big Family!!!!!!!!! That’s the way we view our business here at Southern Motors.

Vern Roberts started Southern Motors way back in 1978, “This was a hobby that turned into a business.” A highly decorated member of the Pontiac Police force, Vern’s first love was always cars. He opened a dealership on Oakland Avenue in Pontiac with 3 cars, and the rest is history. In 1983, he moved to 1491 Baldwin, some say to be closer to the Dairy Queen, and has been here ever since. We now carry 50 to 60 cars in inventory at all times and sell 200-300 classic cars a year. “I never knew it would be this big”, he often says. Yet he does not refer to himself as a dealer, “If I had to sell Toyota’s, I would not be doing this”. After a brilliant career (Officer of the Year, a Citation of Bravery, and several Meritorious Citations), Vern retired in 1994 and turned his full attention to the business. I came into the picture in 1990, and most people would not know this, but Vern is not my real father. He took me under his wing when I was in high school, and we built a bond that is unbreakable. I truly view him as my father, and could never thank him enough for his guidance through life. Leeroy, “The Original Boy Wonder”, has been around longer than me. He started with Vern in the late 80’s and after a short retirement came back as a buyer in 2000. His fun-loving attitude and self-described “kid-like personality” have always made him a favorite among our customers. Greg started buying cars for us in 2004 and has done a tremendous job! His knowledge of classic cars and love for horsepower have made him the perfect fit. Ben, “The New Guy”, started just a few years ago. He handles any repairs that occur with these old cars and also is the crew chief of the Southern Motors Race Team. He is the young one of the group but is a good sport about all the ribbing that comes with that tag. Over the years we have gained an incredible collection of friends. Most Saturday’s, we spend more time entertaining them than working. I have had the pleasure of working here since 1992 and feel we are truly blessed to do this for a living. So if you are looking for a great classic car, or maybe you just want to stop and visit, please come on by. We will be looking for you! Just bring a little money, we are always looking for someone to buy ice cream!

David Witt
Southern Motors
Sales Manager

Celebrating 30 Years in Business!!!

2007 was our biggest year in our 30 year history! That’s right 30 years of selling some of the finest muscle and classic cars across the world! Vern could have never imagined what this place would become when he started this in 1978! We have been blessed with the people around us that make all this possible! The heart of this operation John, Leroy, Dewayne and Ed who work so hard day in and day out at the World Headquarters! JR for the hours of guidance and support to push us to the next level. Jeff, Roy & John, Barry, Larry, Bob, Rob, Mario & Jimmie, Our Boys in Knoxville, Rudy & Ralph, the Blevins Crew, Donnie, Joe, and Tim who are the life blood of this company and beat the roads endlessly finding the precious metal that make this all happen. Big Ed and John for delivering that cargo all across North America! Mike, Fred, Gordon, Jim, AC Tire, Callahans, Warehouse Tire, Mazzas, Seat Cover King, Taneyhill, Herk’s Auto and NAPA for smoothing out those unexpected bumps in the road you get when dealing with 40 year old cars. Tom who built us such a fabulous website to display our inventory. Mr. Miller, Deb & Cheri, Sue, Debbie, Kenyata, Susan, Janet, Linda, and Darrin who keep all our financial business in order. Chris & Tom and Stu & Gary for all their help with our new building. Rick and Larry who come in so often people think they work here. Roger, JR, Harvel, Bob, Archie, Russ, John, Al, Craig and Jeff who were all part of the foundation in the beginning. Gary, Resendez, Rich and Mark and who helped along the way. The unbelievable support we received from our families and loved ones who supported us through all the crazy hours and trips across the country to build this place through the years. And last but definitely not least, all our wonderful friends and customers who have made this place so special. We have sold cars to every state in the union, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, England, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan, Russia and Canada! So much for the little hobby that started in a police officers basement! We can not thank everyone enough for all their help! God Bless! Vern & David

God Bless!
Vern & David

38 Years and Counting...

It is with a heavy heart that I write this and to be honest I have really avoided it for a couple years because it pains me to think about it. As most of you know our family and the hot rod community lost Vern in February of 2013. He was a pioneer in this industry and was just a wonderful person. At his funeral it was just awesome to see the wide variety of people that he touched in his years on this earth. He will truly be missed. Marianne (Vern's wife) and I have since formed Southern Motors Inc and hope to continue to keep his legacy alive. I can't thank Vern enough for everything that he has done for me and know that I was truly blessed to have been able to spend 20+ years with him. We still have the same cast of characters, Leeroy, Jason, Ed, Nathan, Jordan and our mascots Lou & Briggs and we still have ice cream just not as often.

Thank You For Your Continued Support,
Marianne & David

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